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Draw on the following activities to extend and deepen the viewing experience.


Present a key concept or vocabulary word from the video, such as “local food.” Ask students to form small groups to generate related concepts, such as foodshed, seasonality, and farmers markets. Select one student in each group to record the ideas and present a summary of the responses to the entire class.


Divide students into groups to develop a conceptual word map. Begin by having students write a key word or concept from the video in the center of a blank “map” on chart paper. Have each group build the map by adding words related to the key word and arranging them in categories. Discuss each diagram and supply additional information to extend students’ understanding of the concept.

Compare and Contrast

To encourage students to compare and contrast ideas, divide them into groups to make Similarities/Differences Charts. After presenting two ideas, have each group discuss similarities and record them on chart paper. Then have students discuss and record differences. Have students present their charts. Discuss each diagram and supply additional information to extend their understanding of the topic.

Four Corners

Choose four main concepts or topics in the video and label each corner of the room with one of the concepts. Ask the students to choose a corner of the room that matches the concept they wish to explore. Plan an activity for the students in each corner and have them share their findings with the class.


Divide students into groups of four, assigning each student a number (from 1 to 4). While watching the video, assign each group member a different concept to understand or a question to answer. After viewing the program, have each group member teach what he or she has learned to the other members of the group. Have each student quiz the group members until everyone understands how the pieces of the “puzzle” fit together to make one “picture.”


After asking a follow-up question to the video, have students pair with a neighbor to discuss their responses. Invite students to share their responses with the whole group.

Quick Write

In a personal journal or on paper, have students write quickly for two minutes to record any thought that comes to mind after viewing a segment or program.

Source: Adapted from SPARK in Education.

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