Nourish offers a bounty of media and education tools to support K-12 teachers, farm-to-school and garden coordinators, and health and nutrition educators.

Creating a Lesson Plan

Depending on your time and objectives, consider the following ways to engage your students.

One Class Period or Less

Two Class Periods

One Week

Multi-Week Curriculum

  • Watch the Nourish PBS special and lead a class discussion using questions from the Nourish Viewing Guide.
  • Choose one of the Nourish Short Films to show each class period. Pose a question related to the topic of the film, and have a 10- to 15-minute class conversation or free-write.
  • Utilize all seven activities from the Nourish Curriculum Guide (approximately twelve to fifteen 50-minute class periods, plus additional time for research).
  • Plan a class field trip to a local farm, farmers market, or urban garden.
  • Invite students to choose and plan a Nourish Action Project based on the Nourish Ideas for Action (PDF).
  • Assign readings from Nourish Perspectives.
  • Ask students to read and report on a book about the food system, such as Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma for Young Readers or Eric Schlosser’s Chew On This. See recommendations.
  • Screen and discuss food films such as Food, Inc., King Corn, or What’s On My Plate. See recommendations.
  • Organize a school-wide assembly to share your students’ discoveries with the rest of the school. You might include a Nourish screening, student presentations, a panel discussion, and local food fair and tasting.

Discover more ideas and inspiration in Nourish in Action. How are you using the Nourish resources? Let us know.

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