The story of food comes full circle in our actions.

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Activity Overview

In this culminating activity, students choose, plan, and carry out action projects related to food and sustainability.

Essential QuestionDownload the Curriculum

How can we take action to address food-related issues at home, at school, and in the community?


Nourish raises many issues involving our food, the environment, social systems, and more. It also suggests ways that students can take action on these issues and make a difference. Action projects, a form of service learning, enable students to synthesize what they have learned and apply it in meaningful ways. Numerous research studies show that service learning increases civic engagement and improves academic performance.

Action projects are more effective–and more fun–if they are done together as a group. As students translate their learning into action, they practice a variety of 21st century skills: teamwork, project planning, design thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication, to name a few.


Copies of Action Plan student page
A reference copy of the Ideas for Action from Nourish
Colored marking pens and chart paper for brainstorming projects
Presentation software

Estimated Time

Two or three 50-minute class periods to brainstorm, choose, plan, and reflect on projects, plus additional time for implementation.

Download the Nourish Curriculum Guide to read the full activity.


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