Taking a Stand

Food Activism


How can citizens go beyond everyday food choices to create a healthier food system for all? Founder of the Fair Food Network Oran Hesterman discusses the importance of engaged citizenship. How can we encourage people to think more systemically when it comes to food issues? Oran Hesterman: With most large systems, such as education and ... READ MORE 

Perspective: Mark Winne on Food Policy Councils


We’re excited to be bringing new faces and topics to the table in Nourish Perspectives, a growing library of Q&A articles featuring leading voices from the food movement. In this new Perspective, Mark Winne, author of Closing the Food Gap and Food Policy Council Program Director for the Community Food Security Coalition, discusses how food policy ... READ MORE 

Food Policy Councils


Food policy councils bring diverse community interests to the table. Author and Food Policy Council Program Director Mark Winne discusses their role in creating a more democratic food system. What is a food policy council? Mark Winne: Think of it as a potluck supper where you’ve invited a farmer, a food bank director, a couple ... READ MORE 

Youth Leading Change


Youth play a valuable role in energizing communities. Anim Steel, program director at the Food Project, discusses the transformative power of food in engaging youth. How does your work engage young people around food and sustainability? Anim Steel: One of the things our organization is trying to accomplish is to create a new generation of ... READ MORE 

Vote with Your Fork


Food choices serve as a mirror of our values. Through our shopping and eating, we can help support a healthy food culture. Author Michael Pollan encourages us to make every food choice matter by voting with our fork. Why do our food choices matter? Michael Pollan: Food is not just fuel. Food is about family, ... READ MORE 

Urban Farms


Urban farms enable city dwellers to eat better food, develop new skills, and serve residents in need. Ian Marvy, founder of the nonprofit organization Added Value, shares the many rewards that farming brings to urban communities. What challenges do urban communities face in accessing fresh food? Ian Marvy: There are some unique environmental challenges in ... READ MORE 

School Lunch


Healthy school lunches support students to learn and grow. Pediatrician Nadine Burke and author Michael Pollan highlight the need to transform school lunch. Why do we need to transform school lunch? Nadine Burke: Schools supply lunches that routinely have high-sugar and high-fat foods, which makes it hard for kids to concentrate and learn in school. ... READ MORE 

Food Access


Pediatrician Nadine Burke and healthy food advocate Anna Lappé discuss the importance of closing the food gap and ensuring access to fresh, healthy, affordable food for all. What are some of the health challenges in vulnerable communities? Nadine Burke: There are huge issues around environmental justice in “food deserts.” Low-income neighborhoods, where people simply don’t ... READ MORE 

Fair Trade


Our food choices connect us to people all around the world. Sustainable food advocate Anna Lappé and chef Bryant Terry discuss the importance of fair trade. What is fair trade? Anna Lappé: Many of us like foods that we can’t get locally. Think about chocolate, coffee, and bananas–foods that are hard to find from farmers ... READ MORE 

Be the Difference


Every day, citizens are creating a better world through their individual and community food choices. Author Anna Lappé offers inspiration for this growing movement. What changes are you noticing in the public conversation about food? Anna Lappé: We’re beginning to see a kind of collective awakening that something is out of whack with how we ... READ MORE 
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