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Video: Michael Pollan, “The Farm Bill”


Every five years, we have the chance to influence the way our food is produced, our land is conserved, and our health is protected. The legislation that addresses these issues is known as the Farm Bill, and in 2012, it’s up for renewal. “It isn’t really a bill just for farmers,” says food journalist Michael ... READ MORE 

Michael Pollan, “The Farm Bill”


The Farm Bill sets the rules for how food is produced and consumed in America. Food journalist Michael Pollan explains why everyone should care about this important legislation. (Read the blog post.) If you enjoyed this clip, you can buy our entire collection of 54 bite-sized videos, along with our award-winning PBS special, in the ... READ MORE 

Video: Michael Pollan, “School Lunch”


This week is National School Lunch Week, a time to celebrate school lunch programs, raise awareness, and take action to create a healthier food culture for the next generation. Throughout October we’re featuring voices from the movement for better school food, such as parents, food service workers, and food activists. In this new video from ... READ MORE 

Video: Anna Lappé, “What You Can Do”


There are many ways you can take part in creating a better food system. But where do you start? Healthy food advocate Anna Lappé provides a few simple tips that will lead to big changes. How do you connect with the source of your food? Everyday Steps Make a Difference Healthy good advocate Anna Lappé ... READ MORE 

Video: Nigel Walker, “Saving Seed”


For thousands of years, farmers have saved and shared seeds to preserve flavorful, unique, and resilient varieties of fruits and vegetables. Organic farmer Nigel Walker explains the process of saving heirloom seed on Eatwell Farm. What heirloom foods do you enjoy? Seeds of Change Heirloom fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs have been selected by farmers ... READ MORE 

Video: Nadine Burke, “Food and Family”


Studies show that eating together improves relationships and makes for healthier, happier families. Physician Dr. Nadine Burke encourages us to make time for shared meals at home. How do you make the most of family mealtime? Why Mealtime Matters The family meal has undergone dramatic changes over the last century. Today, “50 percent of meals ... READ MORE 

Video: Michael Pollan, “Food Chain”


Understanding the story of our food means tracing its path from seed to table. Author Michael Pollan explains the biology and ecology of modern food chains. How do you connect with your food chain? What Is a Food Chain? Food chain is a term from ecology that describes who eats who or what. These relationships ... READ MORE 

Video: Nadine Burke, “Whole and Healthy”


Why is whole food healthier? Dr. Nadine Burke discusses the difference between processed and whole foods. What whole foods do you enjoy? Join the conversation on Facebook. Whole vs. Processed Whole foods are ingredients in their raw, unprocessed, and unrefined state, in contrast to foods that have undergone processing and preservation methods like curing, cooking, ... READ MORE 

Video: Jamie Oliver, “Herbs”


You don’t have to be a master chef to make simple foods taste great. Jamie Oliver discusses how to spice up any dish with just a few fresh herbs. What’s your favorite herb or seasoning? Join the conversation on Facebook. Be sure to tune in this Friday for the return of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. ... READ MORE 

Video: Anna Lappé, “My Food Journey”


Broadening our view can help us make better food choices for ourselves and for the planet. Author Anna Lappé describes her personal food journey, which has taken her to farms around the world. What experiences have shaped your relationship to food and diet? Let us know on Facebook. About Anna Lappé Anna Lappé is a ... READ MORE 
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