Farm to Fork

Fair Food


Fair food is good for people and the earth. Oran Hesterman, author of the book Fair Food and founder of the Fair Food Network, discusses what communities are doing to create a more equitable food system. What is “fair food”? What are the principles of a fair food system? Oran Hesterman: The idea behind fair ... READ MORE 

Perspective: Mark Winne on Food Policy Councils


We’re excited to be bringing new faces and topics to the table in Nourish Perspectives, a growing library of Q&A articles featuring leading voices from the food movement. In this new Perspective, Mark Winne, author of Closing the Food Gap and Food Policy Council Program Director for the Community Food Security Coalition, discusses how food policy ... READ MORE 

Food Policy Councils


Food policy councils bring diverse community interests to the table. Author and Food Policy Council Program Director Mark Winne discusses their role in creating a more democratic food system. What is a food policy council? Mark Winne: Think of it as a potluck supper where you’ve invited a farmer, a food bank director, a couple ... READ MORE 

Video: Nigel Walker, “Saving Seed”


For thousands of years, farmers have saved and shared seeds to preserve flavorful, unique, and resilient varieties of fruits and vegetables. Organic farmer Nigel Walker explains the process of saving heirloom seed on Eatwell Farm. What heirloom foods do you enjoy? Seeds of Change Heirloom fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs have been selected by farmers ... READ MORE 

Video: “In Season”


Happy solstice! The summer brings a bounty of fresh produce: stone fruit and berries, garden salads with ripe tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, watermelon, and more. Farmer Nigel Walker, chef Bryant Terry, and others share why eating seasonally is good for your body and the planet–and it tastes better, too. What seasonal foods do you enjoy? Reasons ... READ MORE 

Video: Michael Pollan, “Food Chain”


Understanding the story of our food means tracing its path from seed to table. Author Michael Pollan explains the biology and ecology of modern food chains. How do you connect with your food chain? What Is a Food Chain? Food chain is a term from ecology that describes who eats who or what. These relationships ... READ MORE 

Video: Anna Lappé, “My Food Journey”


Broadening our view can help us make better food choices for ourselves and for the planet. Author Anna Lappé describes her personal food journey, which has taken her to farms around the world. What experiences have shaped your relationship to food and diet? Let us know on Facebook. About Anna Lappé Anna Lappé is a ... READ MORE 

Video: Michael Pollan, “From the Soil”


Each week, we’ll be introducing a new film from the Nourish short film collection. In celebration of Earth Week, author Michael Pollan describes how the simple act of eating offers us an intimate connection with the soil. Let us know how you’re celebrating Earth Day on Facebook. The Dirt on Soil Fertile soil is essential ... READ MORE 

Multiple Voices: Fair Trade


How does food connect us to the global community? Author Anna Lappé and chef Bryant Terry discuss how choosing Fair Trade products helps farmers around the world. (Read the blog post.) If you enjoyed this clip, you can buy our entire collection of 54 bite-sized videos, along with our award-winning PBS special, in the Nourish ... READ MORE 

Eating with the Seasons


Choosing food that is local and in season connects us to a specific place and time. Chef Bryant Terry and author Anna Lappé discuss the joy of eating with the seasons. What does it mean to eat with the seasons? Bryant Terry: I learned many things about food from my grandmother. When I was growing ... READ MORE 
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