Anim Steel

Youth Leading Change


Youth play a valuable role in energizing communities. Anim Steel, program director at the Food Project, discusses the transformative power of food in engaging youth. How does your work engage young people around food and sustainability? Anim Steel: One of the things our organization is trying to accomplish is to create a new generation of ... READ MORE 

Nourish Means…


What does “nourish” mean to you? How do you nourish yourself, your family, and your community? We asked the voices of Nourish–authors, chefs, farmers, doctors–to share their personal definition of “nourish.” What does “nourish” mean to you? Anna Lappé: I love the word “nourish” because to me it has a kind of emotional life to ... READ MORE 

Local Food


When you buy from a local farmer, you’re making a direct investment in your community. Author Anna Lappé, sustainable food advocate Anim Steel, and chef Bryant Terry discuss the many benefits of eating local. What does it mean to eat locally? Anna Lappé: “Buy local” campaigns are popping up all across the country. The principle ... READ MORE 

Multiple Voices, “Nourish Means …”


Jamie Oliver, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and other voices explore the question, “What does ‘nourish’ mean to you?” (Read the blog post.) If you enjoyed this clip, you can buy our entire collection of 54 bite-sized videos, along with our award-winning PBS special, in the Nourish store.... READ MORE 
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