Everything you need to teach about food literacy.

“These amazing resources gather everything we want to teach our students
about the food system into a beautiful
— Vanessa Zajfen, Farm to School Specialist, San Diego Unified School District



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The Nourish Teacher Resource Binder brings together a wealth of materials for teaching and learning about food, health, and sustainability. The 134-page Binder contains:

  • Two DVDs: The award-winning PBS special Nourish: Food + Community and a companion DVD Nourish Short Films
  • The Nourish Curriculum Guide with seven learning activities and correlations to national content standards
  • A Nourish Reader with Q&A articles from food movement leaders such as Michael Pollan, Anna Lappé, Raj Patel, Oran Hesterman, and others.
  • A richly detailed Nourish Food System Map and Study Guide

Table of Contents

Nourish DVDs

  • How to Use Video in the Classroom
  • Nourish: Food + Community DVD
  • Nourish Short Films DVD
  • Nourish Short Films Guide

Nourish Curriculum Guide

  • Nourish Viewing Guide
  • Activity 1: The Story of Food
  • Activity 2: Seasonal, Local Food
  • Activity 3: Food Traditions
  • Activity 4: Food and Ecosystems
  • Activity 5: Analyzing Food Ads
  • Activity 6: School Lunch Survey
  • Activity 7: Nourish Action Projects
  • Ideas for Action
  • National Standards

Nourish Reader

Selected voices from the food movement on:

  • Food and Climate Change
  • Farm to School
  • School Gardens
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Fair Food


  • Nourish Food System Map and Study Guide
  • Books and Films
  • Web Resources

Food System Glossary

Nourish Curriculum Guide

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