With inspiring stories, Nourish explores the nexus of food and sustainability.

“This film nourishes the mind, heart, and eye. Beautiful and thought-provoking.”
—Zenobia Barlow, Executive Director, Center for Ecoliteracy


Nourish DVD

By providing a big-picture view, Nourish reveals the many ways that food connects to our environment, our health, and our communities. Most importantly, Nourish offers specific steps that individuals and groups can take to create a sustainable food future.

  • Hosted and narrated by Cameron Diaz. Features Michael Pollan, Anna Lappé, Bryant Terry, Dr. Nadine Burke, Jamie Oliver, and Alice Waters.
  • As Seen on PBSContains the award-winning half-hour PBS television special and 11 short films.

    In addition to the half-hour PBS special, the Nourish DVD includes 11 short films, ranging from one to four minutes each:

    “Edible Education” with Alice Waters
    “Food Is Like Music” with Jamie Oliver
    “Herbs” with Jamie Oliver
    “No Free Lunch” with Michael Pollan
    “Nourish Means” with 11 voices
    “Supermarket Secrets” with Michael Pollan
    “Try Something New” with Jamie Oliver
    “Twinkie vs. Carrot” with Michael Pollan
    “Urban Farms” with Bryant Terry
    “Wake Up!” with Nadine Burke, MD
    “Why Eat Local?” with Michael Pollan

  • Includes Spanish subtitles.
  • Watch the trailer.


K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, Nonprofits
Colleges, Government, Corporate
Home Use

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