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Chapter 2: Seed to Table

  • What questions or concerns do you have about where your food comes from and how it gets to you?
  • In a typical week, how much of your diet is processed versus whole foods?
  • What role does food marketing play in your choice of food products? What’s the most memorable food ad you have seen?
  • Describe an experience of eating local food (such as from your garden, the farmers market, or a CSA). What are the benefits of eating foods grown close to where you live? What are the challenges?

Chapter 3: Vote with Your Fork

  • What does it mean to “vote with your fork”?
  • When purchasing food, what factors are most important to you? (For example: cost, convenience, taste, health benefit, local, organic, seasonal.) Why?
  • What information do you need to make healthy food choices?
  • What one food policy or practice would you like to see changed? Who can you work with to bring about this change?

Chapter 4: Be the Difference

  • What are some ways to create community through food?
  • Where do you go for fresh, healthy food? Are there local farmers markets, co-ops, CSAs, or restaurants you can recommend?
  • Have you ever grown your own food, and if so, what? If not, what would you need to get started, and what foods would you like to grow?
  • Are you part of an organization that works on food issues? If not, do you know of any you might join?

Closing Thoughts

  • What’s one thing you’ve learned from this gathering that you would like share with your family and friends?
  • What is your vision of a healthy food system? What role can citizens play in achieving this vision?
  • What one practice related to food would you like to focus on for the next three months?
  • How might you use Nourish to educate others about food and sustainability?

Thank you for sharing Nourish with your community. Let us know the highlights from your conversation by contacting us.

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