Nourish Screening for Transition Durham

Jane Norton is a sustainability educator and founder of Eartheal in Durham, North Carolina. She is also project director of Our Community Green and a member of the Transition Durham steering committee, which has made local food security one of their first priorities. Transition Durham organized a food film series, called Feeding the Bull: Healthy, Affordable Food for All, which included Nourish. They are using the Nourish resources in their ongoing community outreach.

Transition Durham is a new Transition Town initiative that aims to foster community resiliency. We chose food as the first issue to focus on, and set up a five-part monthly film series to address various aspects of creating an accessible and affordable local food system.

Nourish was the first film we showed, and the attendees offered very positive reviews. We facilitated reflection and conversations among audience members after the film viewing, and because Nourish addresses a variety of local and global food issues, there were places where everyone could connect with the messages. It is a very well-made, visually appealing film filled with powerful information. I appreciated the voices of youth that are included, as well as the discussion questions and curriculum available online.

One of the attendees of the screening is now showing Nourish to the Social Justice Ministry at her church as they start the planning for their community garden. She felt it was a great way to get people even more motivated about what they are embarking on.

We are planning on using some of the Nourish short films in our next community event. The shorts will allow us to target specific topics and offer more time for discussion and action planning. We are looking for additional opportunities to show the films to engage more people in participating and thinking more consciously about their food, eating healthier, growing and preparing food, shopping locally, and connecting in community.

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