Nosh and Nourish Fundraiser in Charleston, South Carolina

Slow FoodSlow Food Charleston hosted a “Nosh and Nourish” dinner and film screening for more than 40 community members at World Oriental Kitchen, an eco-conscious Asian fusion restaurant in downtown Charleston, filling every seat in the house and raising several hundred dollars for the chapter.

Local Slow Food representative Carole Addlestone organized the event and chose to show Nourish for its positive, community-focused messages. “This is a particularly helpful educational film for the mainstream public, gently exposing the truth with a comprehensive yet easily accessible introduction to often complex concepts. I especially appreciated the practical ways it offers for all of us to choose to make a difference.”

W.O.K.’s owner, Nick Bergelt, gave a brief talk on the restaurant’s initiatives to be a positive force in the community by serving all organic and local produce and grass-fed beef.

The experience inspired participants to connect and share ways to make a difference in the greater Charleston community. “Everyone at our screening was deeply moved and stayed to discuss their views and ideas afterward,” said Addlestone.

Noting the film’s value as a teaching tool, Addlestone later utilized Nourish in her presentation at to a local women’s conference, where she was speaking on healthy food and the work of Slow Food Charleston.

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