Grow Your Lunch Event in Pacific Grove, California

Grow Your LunchGarden educator and designer Benjamin Eichorn screened Nourish at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History to round out his a talk on community and home gardening. Hosted by Sustainable Pacific Grove, a local nonprofit group dedicated to innovative solutions that enhance community, the event attracted 120 people, including educators and other concerned citizens who were eager to learn more about growing their own food.

A former gardening teacher and co-manager at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School’s Edible Schoolyard, in Berkeley, California, Benjamin helped develop the school’s innovative gardening and cooking curriculum. He now runs his own business, called Grow Your Lunch, raising awareness about food and the environment by designing educational and production gardens for schools, businesses, and institutions.

After speaking on the social and environmental benefits of gardening, and offering tips for home gardeners, Benjamin showed Nourish to open a conversation about local food and sustainability. After the film, Benjamin asked the audience members to each introduce themselves to someone they didn’t know and share one way they planned to “vote with their fork” and create positive change.

“Everyone left very inspired and motivated to take ownership in building a more sustainable future through the food system,” said Benjamin.

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