Join Nourish and thousands of individuals and groups in celebrating Food Day on October 24. Modeled after Earth Day, Food Day is an opportunity to teach and learn about local and seasonal food, healthy diets, sustainable agriculture, food access, school and urban gardens, and children’s health.

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate Food Day in your community, school, or home.

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  • Host a community screening of Nourish: Food + Community. Partner with local organizations, such as schools, nonprofits, libraries, businesses, and other community groups. Include informational tables and guest speakers. Invite local food producers and restaurants to offer tastings. See Nourish in Action for examples and ideas.

  • Host a Nourish dinner and screening at a local restaurant, urban farm, or community garden. Use the Nourish Discussion Guide to open a conversation about food in your community.
  • Work with your congregation to organize a community meal and screening of Nourish to celebrate the bonds of food and faith. See the Cool Harvest Organizer’s Kit.
  • Volunteer at a farmers market, urban farm, or food bank. Enlist your friends and family to join you.
  • Get involved. Deepen your commitment to good food by joining a group or organization that is working on food issues in your area, or at the regional or national level. See Take a Stand for ideas.
  • Visit the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s Food Day website to organize or publicize an event, or find events happening in your area.


  • Nourish CurriculumView Nourish: Food + Community and open a classroom conversation about food and sustainability. See How to Use Nourish in the Classroom and Nourish Curriculum Guide for activities and lesson plans.
  • Take a class field trip to a local farmers market, farm, or urban garden.
  • Organize a school-wide assembly using the Nourish film. Invite speakers or panelists to add their voice, such as local farmers, chefs, non-profit leaders, and health professionals.
  • Introduce a healthy new menu item in the cafeteria.
  • Announce or celebrate health and sustainability initiatives and accomplishments at your school, such as a new school garden program or no more junk food in vending machines.
  • Host a local foods tasting or healthy foods cook-off in the cafeteria. Involve students, parents, teachers, administrators, and food service staff to create an educational opportunity for everyone. See Nourish in Action for more ideas.
  • Set healthy food goals at the school or district level, such as updating your school wellness policy or improving food procurement standards or local sourcing.
  • Visit the Food Day website for additional resources for schools.


  • Host a potluck. Gather friends and family for a Nourish screening and conversation, using the Nourish Discussion Guide. Invite dishes that highlight fresh, seasonal offerings from local farms and food artisans. Share the story of your food.
  • Prepare a home-cooked meal with your a family. Visit a farmers market together and explore new foods. Share kitchen skills and knowledge. Commit to making family cooking night a tradition at least once a week.
  • Invite friends and coworkers to form a sustainable food cooking group, book club, or film night, complete with healthy snacks. See Books and Films for selections.
  • Make every day Food Day by setting an intention to take up one new food practice, such as growing some of your own food, joining a CSA, or going meatless on Mondays. See Be the Difference and download Nourish Ideas for Action (PDF).

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How are you celebrating Food Day? Let us know.

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