The award-winning Nourish PBS special engages viewers with the following program segments:

ConnectionsHarvesting yellow tomatoes

By connecting seemingly unrelated people and places, this segment demonstrates the interdependence of our global community. Weaving together such themes as food and health, food and biodiversity, and food and community, “Connections” examines some of the most important issues of our time.

Seed to Table

This segment leads viewers on a remarkable tour of our food chain. The story follows two seeds—corn and tomato—each traveling a very different path to make a meal. “Seed to Table” vividly illustrates where our food comes from and how it gets to us.

Young woman shopping

Vote with Your Fork

With clarity and wit, best-selling author Michael Pollan shows how food serves as a metaphor for our values. In a far-ranging conversation, he invites a reflection on such questions as “What is food wisdom?” and “Why should we know the story of our food?”

Be the Difference

The final segment offers specific steps that individuals and groups can take to create a more sustainable food future. Themes include: Teach and Learn, Grow Your Own, Create Community, Change the Menu, Shop Wisely, and Take a Stand.

Feature program: 26 minutes
Special features (11 short films): 24 minutes

What's The Story Of Your Food?
Nourish Takes Root
Perspective: 3D Ocean Farming
Perspective: We Are the Farm: The Mill House Restaurant
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