Click on the images below to download artwork and film stills from Nourish. If you need additional materials, please contact press@nourishlife.org.

Nourish logoNourish DVD packageNourish DVD art
Nourish logoNourish DVDNourish DVD cover
Nourish CurriculumNourish Short Films DVD cover
Nourish Curriculum GuideNourish Short Films DVDNourish Short Films DVD cover
Nourish California logoNourish titleAlice Waters from Nourish
Nourish California logo Nourish titleAlice Waters
in the Edible Schoolyard
Anna Lappée from NourishBryant Terry from NourishBryant Terry toasts from Nourish
Anna Lappé, author of
Diet for a Hot Planet
Bryant Terry, chef and author Bryant Terry celebrates
local food with youth
Cameron Diaz from NourishJamie Oliver from NourishMichael Pollan from Nourish
Cameron Diaz, host and
narrator of Nourish
Jamie Oliver, chef and authorMichael Pollan, author of
The Omnivore’s Dilemma
Nadine Burke from NourishNigel Walker from NourishBell peppers from Nourish
Nadine Burke, MD,
Nigel Walker,
organic farmer
Organic bell peppers
at a farmers market
Dotted line
Organic farm from NourishPear from NourishStrawberries from Nourish
Organic farm in Lincoln, MAOrganic pears at Frog Hollow Farm
in Brentwood, CA
Organic strawberries
at a farmers market
Seedling from NourishYoung farm worker from Nourish Young girls from Nourish
School garden seedlingsYoung farm workerYoung girls eating
Urban farm from Nourish
Youth at urban farm in Boston, MA

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