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Nourish Uses Food Literacy to Connect Classrooms and Communities

Green Schools National Network | September 9, 2015

Society is obsessed with food. From farmers markets and farm to table restaurants to celebrity chefs and cookbooks galore, it is clear that the United States loves to eat. But do we really know the story of our food? MORE

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Are You A Sage Foodie? A Quiz To Test Your Food Literacy

allison aubrey | npr | october 23, 2013

So, Food Day is almost upon us (it’s Oct 24). And maybe it’s time to test your mettle. The folks behind this celebration have devised a Food Literacy Quiz to gauge your knowledge of all things food–from farm to table. MORE

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Required viewing: Nourish transforms the food system through the school system

jessica goldman foung | edible san francisco | july 3, 2013

Aurora Sekine, eighth grade teacher at Everett Middle School, asked her students a simple question: What is healthy food? MORE

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My Wish for the Future: A Food Literate Society

kirk bergstrom | good | january 7, 2013

When I was growing up in Colorado, the last thing on our minds was the story of our food. It came from the grocery store, of course. Or a fast food chain. (Who can forget Der Wienerschnitzel?) MORE

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YES! Recommends Nourish

Jing Fong | yes! magazine | october 15, 2012

Want a wonderful resource that will get your students thinking about the story of the food they eat, and what they can do to make healthy choices available to them and their community? MORE

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What’s the Story of Your Food? Short Films by Nourish

dana velden | the kitchn | september 13, 2011

Parents, educators, librarians, and community leaders will all benefit from Nourish’s collection of videos and curriculum materials. MORE

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Food Safety News

Nourish California Aims to Grow Food Literacy

Gretchen Goetz | Food Safety News | April 27, 2011

California, a state that has long been at the forefront of the fresh food movement, is planting the seed of its “California cuisine” in the next generation. MORE

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Bay Citizen

SF-Based Nourish Helps Parents Unpack School Lunch Programs

Tara Duggan | The Bay Citizen | April 18, 2011

The San Francisco-based organization offers free curriculum and DVDs to help students form an awareness of the sources of their food. MORE

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Civil Eats

Nourish: Teaching About the Food System

Adriana Velez | civil Eats | April 15, 2011

Nourish California is a pilot educational initiative (led by nonprofit organization WorldLink) whose mission is to “increase food literacy and build healthier communities throughout California.” MORE

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“Nourish” Campaign Targets the Next Generation of Foodies

Adriana Velez | Change.org | November 19, 2010

The multi-year education initiative, Nourish, is designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability, and it ranks as one of the most large-scale youth nutrition programs ever undertaken. MORE

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Simple, Good, and Tasty

“Nourish” Provides Inspiration to the Next Generation of Food Revolutionaries

Leslie Kruempel | Simple, Good, and Tasty | November 15, 2010

I’ve heard or read Michael Pollan’s words so many times by now, if we ever were to meet, it’d feel like catching up with a familiar acquaintance. MORE

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Better School Food

Nourish: Two Thumbs Up!

Dr. Susan Rubin | Better School Food Blog | November 11, 2010

The Nourish Middle School Curriculum Guide “gives students the critical thinking skills that will empower them for the rest of their lives.” MORE

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“Nourish” TV Show Encourages Americans to Ask Where Their Food Comes From

Bonnie Azab Powell | Grist | November 5, 2010

PBS is now airing a half-hour TV program produced by a new “media and education initiative” that targets the growing number of “regular” Americans . . . who are hungry to know where their food comes from, in particular young people and families. MORE

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SF Weekly

Nourish: Feel-Good Critique of the Food System

John Birdsall | SF Weekly | October 21, 2010

Around here, questioning where your food comes from is as reflexive as recycling, even if you lean on Safeway far more than you admit. A show airing on KQED next week drives home the question. MORE

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Educational Media Reviews

Nourish: Food + Community

Maureen Puffer-Rothenberg | Educational Media Reviews | February 22, 2010

Nourish is a call to eat more consciously, in particular by choosing locally and organically grown produce. MORE

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World Ark

Asked & Answered

Jaman Matthews | Heifer International World Ark | May 1, 2008

Kirk Bergstrom is founder and president of WorldLink, the organization behind a new initiative called Nourish. The project, says Bergstrom, was inspired by an essential question: How can we create a more sustainable food system? MORE

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Marin Independent Journal

Marin Academy’s Sustainable Food Program on PBS Special

Jennifer Upshaw | Marin Independent Journal | March 28, 2008

Students at San Rafael’s Marin Academy got down in the dirt as the camera rolled Thursday for a documentary to air on PBS. MORE

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