Video: Michael Pollan, “Supermarket Secrets”

By WorldLink Staff | March 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

In this video, journalist Michael Pollan helps us navigate the grocery store to find fresh, whole foods.

Ready for your next trip to the supermarket? Here are some tips to make you a savvy shopper:

  • Shop along the edges: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole ingredients are placed around the edges of most supermarkets. Skip the center aisles where junk food and processed goods are placed.
  • Look at labels: Stay away from foods with lots of ingredients – especially ones you can’t pronounce!
  • Shop at a Farmers Market: Whenever possible, buy directly from your local farmer to get fresh, seasonal and nutritious foods.
  • Buy real food: As Pollan suggests, don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

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  1. Ray12.01.15

    I think Dan Barber got it right in his piece in The Nation. Even if sufficient pclitioal pressure develops to enact some reasonable amount of change in the way big pharma and big farm interact, I don't think the bottom line effect on health will be quite what we'd hope. Americans have forgotten what it is to cook, and until that changes, the golden arches will still seem like a warm hug on the interstate to most Americans. All the fresh, organic, locally sourced produce in the world won't really matter as long as Americans still think that "cooking" is throwing a bag of steamfresh broccoli in the microwave and boiling some minute brown rice in a bag. And that's an example of someone who kind of makes an effort. What really needs to happen is a push to return Americans to the kitchen. Now how to do that?

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