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There are many ways you can take part in creating a better food system. But where do you start? Healthy food advocate Anna Lappé provides a few simple tips that will lead to big changes. How do you connect with the source of your food?

Everyday Steps Make a Difference

Healthy good advocate Anna Lappé is the daughter of Frances Moore Lappé, author of the best-selling book Diet for a Small Planet. An accomplished writer in her own right, Anna wrote Diet for a Hot Planet to expose the connection between industrial agriculture and global warming, and explore climate-friendly alternatives.

She also coauthored Grub: Ideas for an Organic Kitchen with chef Bryant Terry to help people understand and participate in a healthy, sustainable food system. She offers a few suggestions to help us connect with the story of our food:

  • Shop at farmers markets. You’ll meet the faces behind the your food and provide direct support to farmers in your community. Learn more about farmers markets.
  • Visit a farm. There’s no better way to get to know the story of your food than to see where it’s grown. Take a trip to a farm with your family, or visit an urban farm or community garden in your city. Discover other reasons to support local farmers.
  • Buy organic. Look for the organic label, which certifies that no harmful pesticides were used to grow your food. Purchase directly from farmers who use methods that sustain and nourish the soil. Learn more about shopping wisely.
  • Choose Fair Trade. The Fair Trade label ensures that workers in the global food system are treated equitably, while supporting agricultural methods that protect our health and earth for future generations. Learn more about Fair Trade.
  • Get in the kitchen. Know what’s going into your food by cooking for yourself and cooking with others. Find ways to make cooking fun and healthy.

These suggestions are just the beginning. Discover how you can be a catalyst for change in your family, school, and community in Be the Difference.


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