Video: Nadine Burke, “My Food Journey”

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Learning how to nourish ourselves is a journey. Pediatrician Nadine Burke discusses the evolution of her eating habits over the years, and how she learned that eating well can actually be fun. How has your relationship to food and health changed throughout your life? Join the conversation on Facebook.

About Nadine Burke

Dr. Nadine Burke is the founding physician and Medical Director of the Bayview Child Health Center, where she oversees operations and provides care to children and youth living in the Bayview-Hunters Point community of San Francisco. She is also the Medical Director of Pediatric Health Parity Programs at California Pacific Medical Center.

Dr. Burke’s areas of interest include health disparities, child trauma, asthma, and nutrition. Her focus is to serve communities where issues of poverty and race present challenges to conventional healthcare and education.

Working with families in the underserved community of Bayview-Hunters Point, Dr. Burke’s practice takes an integrative approach that encompasses medical, social, and mental health. Her children’s clinic was recently featured in The New Yorker for her pioneering research studying the relationship between health and childhood trauma, or adverse childhood experience (ACE).

Growing Healthy Communities

A passionate advocate for food, health, and the environment, Dr. Burke stresses the importance of education, food access, and clean, safe outdoor spaces in growing healthy families and communities. She shows Nourish film to parents and children in the waiting room of her clinic to start conversations about food and health.

With a gentle and nurturing approach, Dr. Burke advises her patients that changing the way we eat is a constant process. “This not something you have to do overnight,” she says. “Start with one thing, and you learn and grow and give yourself time.”

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