Open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability.

Flower and lady bug

Nourish Curriculum Guide

Download the free Nourish Curriculum Guide. Includes a viewing guide, seven learning activities, a glossary, and suggested resources. Aligns to national content standards for Social Science, Science, Health, and Language Arts.

Nourish Curriculum

Nourish California

Join us in making Nourish the largest food literacy initiative in the Golden State. Nourish California supports K-12 educators with free educational materials and opportunities to participate in teacher seminars and professional learning programs.

Nourish California

Nourish in Action: Schools

Learn how educators and schools are using Nourish, and share your story. MORE

Food System Tools

Download tools to encourage systems thinking about where our food comes from and how it gets to us. MORE

Nourish Short Films

Browse our growing collection of short videos on important food topics. MORE

What's The Story Of Your Food?
Perspective: 3D Ocean Farming
Perspective: We Are the Farm: The Mill House Restaurant
Video: Nigel Walker, “Know Your Farmer”
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