Food Literacy

Michael Pollan, “Second Barcode”


Food journalist Michael Pollan imagines a bar code that could tell us the story of our food. If you enjoyed this clip, you can buy our entire collection of 54 bite-sized videos, along with our award-winning PBS special, in the Nourish store.... READ MORE 

The Food Movement: What Does It Mean to YOU?


Every day, more and more of us come together around food, building a community to ensure that it is sustainable, safe, fair, healthy, and delicious for everyone. In compiling our collection of Nourish Perspectives, we’ve had the opportunity to ask a number of individuals the thought-provoking question: “What does the food movement mean to you?” ... READ MORE 

Perspective: Food Myth Busting


Anna Lappé sets out to bust food myths, and shares her vision for a good food future. What inspired the Food Mythbusters project? For more than ten years I’ve been talking about sustainable food and farming with people across the country — from hipster Brooklyn to small-town Montana. But no matter who I was speaking ... READ MORE 

Food Justice


Everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food. Nikki Henderson, Executive Director of People’s Grocery, talks about the importance of food justice. Tell us about the work and mission of People’s Grocery. Nikki Henderson: People’s Grocery is a health and wealth organization whose mission is to improve the health and economy of West Oakland through ... READ MORE 

The Language of Food


Becoming more food literate means learning a new language. Douglas Gayeton, co-founder of the Lexicon of Sustainability, explains how words can catalyze a food revolution. What is the Lexicon of Sustainability project? Douglas Gayeton: You can’t expect consumers to change their buying habits at the grocery store, or for farmers to suddenly grow their crops ... READ MORE 

Video: Michael Pollan, “Why Eat Local?”


Do you know where your dinner was grown? When we’re in the supermarket, it’s easy to assume that all the produce is grown and harvested somewhere nearby. Yet, more often than not, those bell peppers and that lettuce were grown thousands of miles away, nowhere near the idyllic country farm we have in our heads. ... READ MORE 

Video: Nadine Burke, “Wake Up!”


No responsible parent would consider buying their kids cigarettes or vodka, but did you know that foods that are high in fat and sugar such as chips and soda could be just as addictive to their growing bodies? In this video, pediatrician Nadine Burke explains how a junk food culture is directly contributing to the ... READ MORE 

Perspective: Curt Ellis on FoodCorps


How can we educate, inspire, and equip the next generation of food leaders? Curt Ellis discusses an innovative national service program called FoodCorps, and the important role young people play in transforming the food system from the ground up. Curt Ellis is executive director of FoodCorps and founder of the Brooklyn-based documentary and advocacy company ... READ MORE 



Curt Ellis discusses an innovative national service program called FoodCorps, and the important role young people play in transforming the food system from the ground up. What is FoodCorps? Curt Ellis: FoodCorps is a nonprofit organization I started less than a year ago with six collaborators from across the food movement. What we’re trying to ... READ MORE 

Video: Alice Waters, “Edible Education”


This fall, chef and food activist Alice Waters rings in 40 years since opening Chez Panisse restaurant and relaunches the Edible Schoolyard Project, her groundbreaking food curriculum and school garden program. Here, she discusses the value of garden and kitchen experiences in transforming students’ relationship to food. A Delicious Revolution A champion of the local, ... READ MORE 
What's The Story Of Your Food?
Perspective: 3D Ocean Farming
Perspective: We Are the Farm: The Mill House Restaurant
Video: Nigel Walker, “Know Your Farmer”
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