How are you using Nourish to catalyze change in your community? Share best practices for using the Nourish resources to teach about food and sustainability, and inspire other community organizers to take action. Thank you for being a part of Nourish.

Read stories from community organizers in Nourish in Action.

If you are working in a school, please use our Share Your Story form for educators.

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Please explain how you used the Nourish resources in your community. These stories will help to create a network of shared best practices. Please be as detailed as possible so others can use and learn from your experiences. Some questions to consider: Why did you decide to use Nourish? What were the learning objectives? Was Nourish part of a larger curriculum unit? What specific Nourish curriculum activities, projects, or inquiry questions did your community engage in? What effect has Nourish had on your community's understanding of food system issues? What conversations or steps towards action have resulted from using Nourish? (4-6 paragraphs.)*
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